Justin Soong


Growth Marketing

• Worked with growth marketers to produce video ads advertising Tonal across linear, streaming, and social platforms.

• Developed short form video content that communicated Tonal brand messaging.

• Worked with producers to develop a creative workflow for the production of digital ads. • Developed a toolbox of video assets that standardized the look of Tonal ads

Glu Mobile Entertainment

Marketing Design Lead

• Worked with Creative Directors to develop the marketing brand for the mobile game Design Home
• Storyboarded, produced, and edited trailer and screenshots for Design Home on App Store and Google Play
• Worked with User Acquisition Managers to develop performance tests for new digital ads

• Directed visual artists in the production of high quality game art used for ads

• Wrote and pitched ad copy for DH Trailers and ads that expressed brand messages

Warner Brothers Games 

Mobile Publishing Designer

• Developed weekly “Character Spotlight” segment for DC Legends

• Made engaging digital ads that generated in one case $30K in user revenue

• Advised team on how to integrate Unity 3D Capture into their creative output

• Developed marketing brand guidelines for then-unreleased titles such as WestWorld Mobile